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Buy Cannabis seeds Worldwide delivery Crop King Seeds (COM) - Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis SeedsBuy Cannabis Seeds Discreet Delivery Fast and safe delivery Quality Germination 80% germination rate 24/7 Chat Support Wordclass reliable support Payment Secured Multiple payment options When you decide to cultivate your own cannabis plants, you might find yourself checking for options. You might have heard autoflowering... Shop Now Feminized cannabis seeds are those that are bred without male chromosomes. This makes sure that all plants grown... Shop Now While there are different categories of marijuana seeds that you can choose from, regular seeds come with their own unique advantages... Shop Now With the popularity of the cannabidiol substance these days, there is no wonder why CBD seeds and strains have become more... Shop Now Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Amnesia Haze Candy Cane Early Miss Jack Herer Lambs Breath Northern Lights NYC Diesel Revolver Sour Girl Train Wreck White Widow CBD Medical Seeds CB Autoflower Cheese CB Diesel CBD CB Dream CBD CB Dutch Treat Dwarf Auto-Fem Seeds Dwarf Low Flyer Feminized Marijuana Seeds Black Indica Blue Cookies Bubba Kush Cali OG Kush Haze Crown Royale Dark Angel Durban Poison Gelato Green Crack Hash Plant Purple Kush Sativa Star Sour Diesel Sour Jack Super Silver White Banner White Cookies White Widow Mix and Match Seeds Auto Feminized Mix Feminized Mix Regular Marijuana Seeds Afghani Blueberry Haze Xtreme Original Skunk Recent Articles Simple Grower’s Guide: What Is The Best Soil for Growing Marijuana Discover The Best Marijuana Strains For Sale In Crop King Seeds How To Make Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Top 5 Choice For High Yielding Autoflowers Different Methods on How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds Buy Marijuana Seeds From Crop King Seeds We have been in the cannabis seeds industry since 2005 and has evolved significantly from being a one-employee company shipping from an apartment to being a full scale marijuana seed brand which is sold in over 300 stores across Canada. Crop King Seeds is progressively growing with over 40 strains available in our line up. More cannabis strains will be introduced in the near future as the company is investing time and money on breeding new strains. You can visit our About page for more details. Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now CB Dutch Treat Feminized Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now CB Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now CB Diesel CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Rated 4.98 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Rated 4.97 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Rated 5.00 out of 5 $75.00 – $250.00 Buy Seeds Now Buy Cannabis Seeds Online from a Trusted Seed Bank If you are a medical marijuana patient looking for medical cannabis; an experienced grow master; a closet grower; or a beginner then you have landed to the right seed bank as we carry the best cannabis seeds that are perfect to your level of marijuana growing expertise. We have the best marijuana strains for sale for large yields, for high CBD and high THC contents, and various varieties of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis strains perfect for any growing marijuana condition (eg. Indoor, Outdoor, Hydroponics and any other growing methods you are using). We carry regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds. Crop King Seeds ships within Canada that come with a catalog and our state-of-the-art pot seed packaging. We also ship our cannabis seeds to customers from the United States and around the world. Our best prices for marijuana seeds with discounts and other promos will allow you to grow and harvest the best weed plants. We offer stealthy delivery methods to all countries and our private payment system allows you to pay for your weed seeds order using Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoins, Money Orders, Cash and Money Transfer. You are assured of full security and privacy when you place your order from our seed bank either by phone, chat or through our website. Choosing the Right Type of Marijuana Seeds for You Before you order weed seeds, you should understand that price is not always the most important factor to make you decide. Cheap cannabis seed is cheap for a reason because they might have a poor germination rate or might not be viable at all. Most of our customers choose strains that have large yields and high THC content with a High or Low CBD (cannabidiol) percentages as well as CBN (cannabinol) levels. If you are unsure which marijuana strain to pick, then make sure to use our live chat support or to dial our number. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7. Auto-Flowering Cannabis Growing marijuana has never been this easy with auto-flowering seeds. These seeds will grow into plants that will start flowering on their own within 2-4 weeks of germination and finishes in 6 to 8 weeks regardless of light use. This is perfect for those who are new to growing weed and those who don’t have time taking care of their plants. You can get quality cannabis with less effort. Unlike other seed banks, our autoflowering seeds are stable. This means that you are assured that 10 out of 10 autoflowering seeds you buy from us will grow into auto plants. Feminized Cannabis Feminized seeds are designed to produce female marijuana plants. These plants will only produce potent quality buds thus feminized seeds are perfect for those who are looking into harvesting seedless buds. Regular Marijuana Despite the ever growing popularity of autoflowering and feminized seeds, regular marijuana remains strong in the cannabis world. Regular marijuana seeds will grow both male and female plants. People who buy regular seeds are those who want greater flexibility in their gardens and those who want to further preserve the genetics through crossbreeding. Be warned though. The presence of male plants can mess up your female marijuana plants through pollination. It is recommended that you identify male plants early during the flowering phase and move them away from your female cannabis.